Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fantasy Food Review -Ireland!

(If I had the chance, this is where I would go on St. Patty's Day and how I imagine it!)

Moran's Oyster Cottage
The Weir, Kilcogan, Co. Galway
Tel: +353 91 796113Fax: +353 91 796503

After walking the beautiful little City of Galway, the breeze off of the Bay reminds my stomach that it is time to eat! Everything wonderful that I've heard about Moran’s Oyster Cottage gets me excited! Since Moran’s has been around for over 250 years they have a bevy of International titles in Oyster Opening Competitions as well as the BIM Seafood Circle Award, 2006. Not to mention the famous people that have wandered through their doors such as Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Woody Allen, though probably not all at the same time! Tightening my wool sweater, I realized that it's chilling off so I hop into my tiny rental car and head about 20 minutes around Galway Bay to Kilcogan. From the outside, Moran's is a quaint thatched roof cottage and the inside is warm and inviting, a great place to snuggle into. Thankfully, I was given a seat by a window. Why is it that being near water always makes one so hungry? I start by ordering a Baked Goat Cheese Salad. Carving into the gooey and tangy goat cheese, mixed with fresh greens really gets my taste buds going! Of course, I order a half dozen (who am I kidding? It was a whole dozen.), of the famous Galway Bay Oysters on the half shell and they are soon brought with lemon wedges and thick brown bread and butter for dipping. The Oysters are salty and creamy all at the same time and such a wonderful joy to slurp from their shells in between chunks of the hearty brown bread. Belly full and with slight hesitation, I tighten my sweater once more in anticipation of the windy evening I would be stepping into.

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