Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sometimes a joke can come back to haunt you! Today is April Fool's Day and for breakfast I thought it would be nice to set out a nice glass of ice-cold orange juice for my kids. They really should have known something was up because on a normal day the only thing set out would be their cereal bowls and spoons. Being good natured and hungry for everything, they went for it. The only problem was that it contained about 90% lemon juice and the rest was only orange juice. Well my youngest, being the first to the breakfast table, said so sweetly, "thanks mom" that I felt kinda bad as he brought the glass to his lips. But I held strong! I watched as he took a polite sip and made a sour face, but said- "it's good". I couldn't take it anymore and said "April Fool's! It's really lemon juice and don't tell your brother". He agreed and now I had a silent partner! Next thing you know, the oldest came to the breakfast table and I say as sweetly as can be, "Morning Hon! There's some orange juice for you!". He proceeds to lift the glass and gulp down all of the contents without a single worry! Wow! I really thought he would notice. He just said, "Mom, better luck next year"!

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