Monday, April 27, 2009

"STORY TIME" Say Hello to My Little Friend!

Last summer I had the pleasure of kayaking on Lake Natomas in Folsom, California. What a blast that was! It was my first time and my step-Dad and I attended a clinic in which we could try a smorgasbord of kayaks. Since then I could not get kayaking off of my mind and became obsessed with pricing them on the Internet. Soon it became painfully clear that I could not afford the top of the line kayaks as they can cost as much as a used car! When I saw this one at Costco, I knew it would be right in my price range and good for a beginner. So I did it. This is my new baby. Today I tried it out for the first time. I thought it would be tough taking it down the stairs to the river by myself, but it wasn't so bad. I really enjoyed the feeling of skimming on the water and also realized that my upper arms are way out of shape! That will soon be fixed by getting out more often. The major problem I experienced was getting the kayak back up the stairs! I also heard from River Rat in Twin Falls that there will be a free clinic featuring many different kayaks on May 16th at Dierkes Lake.
For More Information on the Free Kayak Clinic Visit or Call:
River Rat White Water Toyz
Street 138 2nd Avenue South
Twin Falls, id 83301-6201
Phone: (208) 735-8697

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