Friday, June 26, 2009

"STORY TIME" Holiday Skating Rink and The King Of Pop

Blue Leather Roller Skates

The place was Holiday Skating Rink. The time was 1980 and the apparel was satin jackets, rainbow shoelaces, big hoop earrings and roller skates. I was just a kid, at my favorite hangout. Leaning against the wall waiting for Fast Skate, which featured races between the best skaters, to be over. I waited with great anticipation because as soon as Fast Skate was over, the rest of us could get back on the rink and skate to our favorite music. With that, the lights soon dimmed and only the colorful illuminations of a disco ball would reflect off the walls and with great disappointment that usually meant a slow song would come on next. This was called the dreaded "couples skate" where many of the older kids would own the rink, holding hands as they skated to the song. All the while, the rest of us younger kids, frozen in place, tortured in the excruciating discomfort of not having a partner to skate with, waited for our turn.
Then, the first notes of the familiar interlude of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" began to seep through the speakers causing a blessed flush of relief because although the song starts slow, it builds into a wonderful rhythm that seemed to have been written for the sole reason of swaying your shoulders while gliding on roller skates. It was a song that anyone could dance to and didn't necessarily need a partner. So with that- all the youngsters, including myself gave a great push off onto that rink and allowed the music to carry us around in circles without a care in the world. Thanks, Michael!

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