Big Rig Travels! The Adventures of Big Rig Stephen & TK -The Truck Kat

Nearly everywhere you go across the United States, take notice at the counter near a cash register. Chances are you will run across a Big Rig Travels business card. Grab one. Go home and type in the web address on your keyboard!
This is a fantastic website about the photographic adventures of American Trucker- Big Rig Stephen and his fearless companion TK- The Truck Kat. A really cool photo gallery to peruse through from nearly every beautiful state in this nation, taken with the belief system that there is always a story to be told..."if we just listen".
Also, Big Rig Stephen has a real-time truck cam with a blog that narrates his activities, which reflects the dignity that this occupation held in days of old- to a whole new generation. Equally entertaining are his followers and fans who comment on Stephen and his faithful feline's every experience. Don't miss out on this one!


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