Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Keeping Summer in The Freezer!

Oranges and Tomatoes freeze nicely with little to no processing!

When I picked up a nice bag of Oranges the other day, I thought it ought to last for a while. Little did I realize that with two boys in the house, the Oranges would barely last a couple days. I learned my lesson and cut them into slices, freezing a half an Orange per bag. While doing homework, the boys love eating their bag of frozen Oranges. I love the fact their snack is all natural and it takes a bit longer to eat, so they last longer!

I don't do canning (although I would like to some day), so I rely on my freezer quite a bit. I love to freeze tomatoes from the garden and it often supplements our Winter meals. Fantastic for Spaghetti sauce, Chili, Salsa and more! Many years ago, I use to dry them at a low temperature in the oven, but that took too long; so I switched to slicing them and microwaving for 3 minutes, allowing to cool and then freeze in a freezer bag. Now I've decided that takes too long as well, so my process took on a more purist approach: Slice, Blend, Freeze! All the vitamins are retained and when I need some Tomato sauce, I just grab a packet from the freezer!

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