Friday, September 11, 2009

"Let's Roll!"

No matter what walk of life you are from, if you live in the USA and are old enough to remember September 11th, it’s not something you will ever forget. My children were 7 and 1. My oldest was up getting ready for school and as I was packing his lunch I walked over to turn on the television set. From that point, our lives were never the same. Confusion, Shock, Dismay, Sadness, and Fear were all present in the same room as my child and I watched on live television the unfolding of our sense of security. Bless the souls who directly braved that day, all souls who have survived tragedy, and those who live with the reminders of such.

It is also important for our children to be reminded of the words of Mr. Beamer, passenger of United Airline's Flight 93, “Let’s Roll!”. Spoken a few precious seconds prior to a fated moment, frozen in time. A moment that defines the human spirit to preservere and the same moment that little old me, lucky enough to be sitting on the arm of my couch, crying and squeezing my child tight in my arms said, “Yes, it’s okay for you to still go to school”, knowing full well that within 20 minutes he would be out of my sight.

It’s not much compared to those who were directly affected and have endured. Nevertheless, it is the will of America. It is the desire to move forward, even when bombarded with Confusion, Shock, Dismay, Sadness and Fear. Then and now, the best I could do as Mom is brush the hair out of his eyes, kiss his forehead and let him know, “Everything’s going to be okay- Let’s Roll!”.

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