Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blame It On The Mother In Me....

Earlier within this blog, there was a post on Staying Healthy in the Cold and Flu Season and I just had a few more tips that might help us all fight those little germs! While traveling over the Summer, I've unfortunately had to use my share of public restrooms and it often struck me that many people do not practice good hand washing techniques. Blame it on the mother in me, but here are a few tips:
1.) Prior to washing hands, first pull down the amount of paper towel that you think you will need.
2.) Wash your hands as usual.
3.) Do not turn off the water tap with your bare hands. Instead dry your hands first then use the paper towel to turn off the handle.
4.) Use the same paper towel to open the door to exit the restroom and discard.
Also, when shopping, use the handy wipes some stores offer to wipe down the handle of your shopping cart, and always keep hand sanitizer in your car to use after each shopping trip.
I'm really not the germaphobe that it may seem (or am I?), although these tips may be useful!

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