Saturday, October 31, 2009

This from That...

'Tis the season for carving Pumpkins!

Sure, you could soak these seeds in salt overnight and bake in your oven at 375 degrees until toasted, but you could also plant them next year.
If you buy Winter Squash and Pumpkins try growing your own instead!
1) Save some seeds behind and wash them well.
2) Spread seeds out on your counter for about 48 hours or until completely dried out.
3) Place into a zip lock bag and store in a cool area.
4) Plant them late next Spring and then you can have your own Pumpkin patch!
I did this late, last Spring and the Acorn Squash just about took over everything. It didn't take much water and the yield was fantastic. So, this Spring I will use a much larger area. The plant itself is pretty and green and I have even seen homeowners plant Pumpkins and Squash around the border of their home and it becomes very pretty around Autumn. Also, if you are limited in garden space you may be able to train some vines to grow upward on a structure.

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