Sunday, November 15, 2009

Russian Sage- Settling Roots

I LOVE Russian Sage (Perovskia) for outdoor planting. It is a gorgeous bush that can get very big depending on if you trim it back every year, which helps in its growth. Many people think it is called a purple heather. Nevertheless, they are pretty, barely need water, smell so good, the bees love them and they bloom purple all Summer long. I bought 4 plants about 3 years ago and wanted to divide them although, according to my research, it is quite difficult to split this plant to transplant elsewhere.
Don't worry about it! The picture above is taken from cuttings of the plant, and soon I noticed that there was life beneath the water. This is good. I may be able to plant more on River-Rose's barren bank! Soon will try this on the cuttings of Rose bushes!
***NOTE: Russian Sage is actually not a sage and it's leaves are not edible.

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