Monday, November 16, 2009

Take the River-Rose Thrifty Christmas Challenge!

This year is a tough financial year for all of us and with the holidays creeping upon us take the River-Rose Thrifty Christmas Challenge!
For all of the adults within my gift giving range, I am only going to give gifts that are either, homemade, from a thrift store, or the occasional dollar store item. I have already found a few really unique and meaningful items worthy of giving as a gift from the local thrift stores. I really wish I could post pictures of them, but that would blow the surprise for the recipients.
A Few Tips to Keep in Mind:

1.) Know your brand names. Go to your favorite stores and get to know the items that you really love. Once you have those brand names in mind you can keep your eye open for those brands in a thrift store.

2.) Everyone loves edible gifts.

3.) Presentation of the gift is everything. Let your creativity shine!

What ideas do you have For the River-Rose Thrifty Christmas Challenge? I would love to hear all of them!

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