Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love Stinks!

If you own a television, chances are you have seen a few Swiffer commercials, reflecting humiliated brooms, mops, and dusters vying for the attention of their owner. To no avail, as the owner is having a much better time with their new Swiffer product than they ever did with that old broom.


The commercial always causes my husband to comment on the job the old broom did the whole time, just to be thrown out when something new comes along. It makes me giggle to think a commercial can cause people to have empathetic feelings for a broom or mop! In order to keep my hubby on his toes, I usually respond, "Well, obviously the old broom wasn't getting the job done!".


Recently, I saw a new commercial where instead of the lonely broom driving by it's old residence, it takes up with a lonely bowling ball in the closet. Someones trash is always anothers treasure. But, as you can see my broom is ready to be kicked to the curb. I only wonder how I can do this without my husband noticing. Perhaps, I'll stick it in the garage where it can hook-up with the snow shovel...

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