Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reader's Guess on Mystery Item!

Vintage Hair Spray Holder, Vintage Toothbrush Holder, Incense Burner, Fireplace Match Holder?

The reader's submissions on the mystery item has been so much fun! Thanks to everyone! My mother loves her present and even more of a gift is the enjoyment of trying to discover what it is.

The Grunge Queen posted the item on her blog and reader's responses have been very insightful. She writes...

"Hi River-Rose, I posted it yesterday, thanks for sending!So far we have one for an incense burner and another for a hairspray holder - I Googled the latter and they actually exist!!"

The following is a submission from "Grace"...

"My guess is that your ornate cylinder is a vintage fireplace match holder. You know those huge fireplace matches, which can run to 11" long? Have a gander at the match holder that I found on the net: Although this one is wooden, decoupaged and trimmed with bronzed metal accents, I envision yours as serving the same purpose. I hope your mom loves it, should you decide to give it to her on her birthday! Cheers, Grace"

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  1. No way this is a match holder. Matches need to be protected against sparks from fireplace and other ignition sources, and the item in question is not solid all around (hence sparks could venture inside and cause the matches to catch fire). Nice try though...


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