Thursday, January 7, 2010

What In The World Is It?

I found this pretty piece at the local thrift store. It seems old and I just love the Acorn insignia at the top. "From small seeds do big trees grow", came to mind and thought it would make an interesting and lovely birthday present to my mother. My only question is- what in the world is it?

It has a wonderful design and separates in the center. The lower half has 4 oval openings.

The mystery deepens as I cannot find a similar image on the Internet. I have also taken the object to my county's museum and at the time they did not have a similar item, but guessed that is was, perhaps made in the 1920's and resembled an incense burner. There are no burn marks on the interior. It was also taken to an antique shop and although the owner wasn't in at the time, a young employee guessed it is an ornate toothbrush holder. Finding this piece has been a fun experience! If anyone out there has any guesses, please let me know.

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