Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weather Report- Hurricane Who Dat? Submitted by "Tex Mex"

Based on what I've seen, looks like the weather reports are finally accurate!
Hurricane Who Dat is predicted to make landfall on the Florida coast in the
vicinity of Miami on 7 Feb 2010 at approximately 2200Z (5:00 PM EST). This
extremely powerful hurricane is expected to produce damaging Shockey waves
and a Category 5 Brees. Reports from shipping indicate that this unstoppable
storm has blown a huge flock of Cardinals all the way to Arizona, and that
it has sunk a replica Viking longboat, the Brettigfă╗vren. Livestock, in
particular, young horses, or Colts, will be in severe danger of being decimated.
Predictive damage estimates are unavailable at this time, but they are
expected to be significant.
All interests in and near the Miami area are advised to prepare for a storm
surge of catastrophic proportions as Hurricane Who Dat begins to arrive in
approximately 10 days.
Thanks Tex Mex for your post! It was an awesome Super Bowl to watch!

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