Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girly Stuff

My mom found this mini-mannequin at a thrift store, dressed up as a ballerina. She immediately thought my sister might like it. My sis has an awesome eye for style and the height and figure to go with it. Most of her outfits are vintage or thrifted in such an elegant way. It is a wonderful style all of her own. I keep telling her she should have a blog, but she says she needs to learn about how to use the Internet first! Oh, little sisters are funny!
Nevertheless, one of my sister's favorite eras is the Victorian Era. I think she loves the cloak and dagger stories about royalty just as much as she enjoys the style of dress. My mother transformed the little mannequin into a Victorian style outfit, using bits of lace and fabric from an old dress that she herself used to wear. Nice work, Mom. I bet Sis is going to love it and when she wants to practice designing outfits, who needs the computer? She can make another pretty dress for it herself!

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