Friday, March 26, 2010

When I Can't Find It Around Here

Pretty patio...
Mmmmmm. I love the ambiance and artful simplicity of Asian Food. Part of cooking and eating Asian food is having the right supplies. Sometimes, that's the not so simple part of creating such a meal. Finding the little Bamboo roller mat for Sushi, or small serving dishes for condiments, and the tiny tea cups- these are not things that one usually finds in the super market.
A spot of tea...
There have been times that I lived near Asian Markets, and always enjoyed looking through the items. Sometimes, I knew what I was there to find. Other times it was just fun to look through items and utensils, and wonder what in the world are they used for.

Green Bean and Carrot Salad
I really love exploring all types of cooking techniques. The little town I live in now, does not have an Asian Market although the next town, forty minutes away does. So, when I discovered Asian Restaurant Equipment and Supplies, I thanked my lucky star. It's a really neat site and those hard to find items are just a click away.
Yummy Sushi!
The prices are very reasonable. There are areas within the site to find patio furniture and home decor, Bamboo steamers and more. What's even better is that they have a cool photo gallery and food pairings along with restaurant reviews.

A visit to Asian Food Restaurant Equipment and Supplies is fun and educational. Check it out!

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