Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Take The Cake!

Thank You for visiting River-Rose!
Over the last year I have learned that there are some wonderfully artistic and beautiful blog sites out there! Here are a few of my favorites:
"For Dreaming"
Collage of Life
It is a pleasure to look at the beautiful images. To think about the questions she asks. To consider a book she is reading. A place that spawns many lovely dreams. Also a place that makes you happy to be a woman; she makes you feel connected to other women and that's a powerful thing. The wonderful thing about the author, Jeanne, is that she always takes the time to comment on little blogs like mine. Very Sweet!
"For Dressing"
Thrift Candy
Missa has wonderful style and her photos made me run out to buy lace and floral prints at the thrift store. Once I put some of it on I realized that there was no way I could pull it off as nicely as she does. I think she's taller and a few pounds lighter! Nevertheless, every time she puts up a new post, I can't wait to read it. She also features styles for little ones, courtesy of her daughter Clover. Just wonderful!
"For Survival"
Subsistence Pattern
Grandpa and Grandma are self-sufficient. They are the kind of folks that you wished lived next door, just in case anything went down. From sprouting seeds to making their own dog food, these guys do it all. They share their knowledge with their grandchild, Boy. I love when they take me on little walks. To see things through their eyes. So many wonderful ideas to learn about.

Image Source
"For Beachy Days"
A Beach Cottage
I recently stumbled upon this blog and having grown up near the beach, anytime I have a longing to go back, I can- with just one click. Sarah moved to Australia and into a run down little cottage (which is really hard to believe based on how amazing it looks now) and in no time had it in ship shape. She is extremely talented. You can almost smell the ocean while you are reading her blog!
"For Cooking"
One Hungry Chef
A chef in Australia, who is celebrating his 100th post (he only posts once a week, so that's two years). He is an amazing writer and a fantastic chef. I know this, even though I haven't actually tasted his dishes (I wish), the pictures make my mouth water. His writing has no fear and is funny and honest. Really good stuff!


  1. Well. well, well...pass the tissue. What a lovely surprise to come to your blog and read your message. What a lovely thoughtful thing to say. I am very touched and most appreciative! Hope you are enjoying is such a nice release at times, just to get it out there and push 'Post'. Thanks for stopping by my blog...always nice to see 'River Rose' in my message box:)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What can I say? I just love what you do at the Collage of Life! It is so nice to read.

  3. I agree so many fabulous blogs and people out there! I shall take a look at these over the weekend. Enjoy your weekend. Ax

  4. WOW! Two fantastic bloggers commenting on this little blog. I think I'm in blogging heaven! Thank You to both Collage of Life and Oliveaux! I'm so excited I may just print these and put them into a little frame! Both of you are soooooooo talented. OK- now I'm gushing! xoxo

  5. You are too funny...saying that, I have already printed inspires me!


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