Friday, April 9, 2010

Begging to be done

I have been working on this blanket for the past year.
It sits on a wooden box in my room and taunts me, "Put me over your lap and pick up the needle!"

Meanwhile, ever so slightly peeking from behind my headboard is a sketch, waiting to be painted.

"Sit down with me and bring the watercolors", says the painting.
Then, on a desk in another room sits a tax form, and it snickers, "You know your spending the weekend with me!"


  1. Well, if it helps, I have been working on my son's needlepoint Christmas stocking for the past 10 years and still have a ways to go! I can relate. I would give a bit of time to the blanket and spend the rest of the day working with that headboard sketch. As for the can think about it tomorrow :)


  2. Finally taxes are done! We (taxes and I) spent Saturday night together. As for today, it will intentionally be spent in pajamas, watching the tube with my crochet :)


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