Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday! April Fools!

My son's 10th birthday is on April 1st. The problem with having a birthday on April Fool's Day is that no body believes it's your birthday! At school he tried to warn his teacher that it was his birthday, but she argued that he was just playing tricks. He tried to convince her and they bantered back and forth for a bit.
Finally, still not believing him, she said, "I'll tell you what, we will check it together on the computer. If it isn't truly your birthday, then you will have extra homework. If it is, indeed, your birthday then you will recieve a get out of homework pass".
Sure enough, they looked on the computer and she found that it was his actual birthday. No homework!
I told my son that perhaps in the future he should carry around a note from his Mom confirming it is indeed his birthday to those who doubt. Of course, at the ripe age of 10, he just said, "Mom, that would be even more embarrassing!" I guess I would have to agree!

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  1. A wise 10 year old. My son is the same age...I can relate, 'Oh Mom'! Hope your son had a fab day!!

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend Christina!



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