Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mama Reads! Nest For Two

River-Rose's Mama writes a new book review:
This is one of the many pictorial books which I indulge in quite frequently for inspiration on style and furnishing, but, what make this different and more personal for me was the book's introduction.

"How does a home nourish two souls? By reflecting and celebrating the essence of it's inhabitants and the warmth between them. Our relationships are reinforced by a shared retreat and by comforting rituals enjoyed there: breakfast for two in bed, Sunday mornings curled up on the couch with the newspaper, cooking together for friends."

My favorite part of the book's introduction is this," A true home is a place with heart; it is even more so when we share our home with a loved one. When we are two, a dwelling embodies the spirit of that union- It is a place that offers warmth, comfort, and nurturing.
I aim for that essence in our home for my husband, myself, and our sweet dog, Princess Nikki.
The lovely photos in this book do not showcase the latest upscale furnishings, kitchen designs, etc.
What it does show is an eclectic balance between the old and and new, mixed with simple and elegant arrangements throughout the home. An old armchair with some wear and tear becomes lovely again with a new throw, a rugged, unpainted farm table in a small kitchen looks quite charming along with the latest stainless steel refrigerator. This combination speaks volumes to me personally, I also treasured the old with the new and in our throw away society, I believe we should creatively look for 'new' uses in aged or slightly worn items within the home before we replace them. This is where, I believe, the warmth, comfort, and nurturing of the home begins and the true nesting spirit of the home emerges!

****River-Rose's Mama****


  1. I couldn't have said it any better! Looks like a good read! I could not imagine a home with everything purchased off a show room floor. I don't see any life in that!

    I hope some of your garden was spared with your late frost. We here in Iowa have had very weird weather. Tons of rain and now none and now heat and humidity! Count me out! Give me snow any day of the week compared to humidity!

  2. I agree completely that it's always much nicer to have surroundings that contain a little character.

    Ahhhh, the garden, now that's another story, although your right, humidity is no fun -hang in there!


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