Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take me to your leader!

Boy, this blog has really gone to the dogs! Meet Abbey Rose! Doesn't she look like a little alien? For such a pint-sized pup, she is quite the handful and has already instigated a few shenanigans around River-Rose. Yesterday, she got her head stuck in her food bowl and earlier today fell asleep with one eye open which was really freaking me out!

On the bright side, she is very much a sweet cuddler! My favorite kind!


  1. I think your pup Abbey Rose and my peevish cat should meet...they look like quite the couple side by side! Check out B-Well report...looks like two mug shots :)

    New puppy??

    jeanne :)

  2. What a bundle of CUTENESS !!! from---- Sunshine,

  3. Abbey is a wonderful addition to the family and has already placed countless smiles on my face!
    Jeanne- your peevish cat is adorable and was extremely fashionable with it's grapefruit/melon (?) wig on! I did notice the two mug shots yesterday on the blog roll and loved it!

  4. hehe..i can't stop laughing...this is just too cute!

    and yes, a little bit alien! but then isn't that the best expression!

    my dog is cuddled up here on my lap....nice and warm...a cuddler is important! lol

    ciao bella
    thanks for stopping in to see me and leaving a comment!

    creative carmelina


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