Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What do cowboys wear when going swimming?

At the beginning of summer, I checked out a few movies at the library. One of which was The Best of Bonanza. Thirty-four episodes of a beloved western that I remember watching as a kid. I thought maybe during a few of the long summer days, my ten-year old might enjoy discovering the show.

Little did I know that my son would soon become so absorbed in the Bonanza episodes and life at the Ponderosa Ranch, that it would cause substantial late fees at the library!
Soon, my son was decked out in cowboy hats, jeans, bandannas, long sleeve shirts, vests, and of course, boots. Since we live in Idaho where many a true cowboy wander, it's not as though my son stood out wearing these outfits about town!

His favorite character is "Little Joe" played by Michael Landon. But, hey- it's summer at River-Rose. Lot's of swimming and gardening to be done.
I'd beg him, "Please change out of the cowboy stuff-it's 90 degrees outside."
"I don't see Little Joe in sandals and shorts.", he would respond.

Now, I'm on the hunt for some Kenny Chesney videos, so he can see how a modern day cowboy can hang at the beach!

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