Saturday, July 10, 2010

China: Portrait of a People by Tom Carter

If more than texture, color, and vibrancy can be captured in a photo, China: Portrait of a People written by Tom Carter has done just that. Just by opening the book one is immediately transported to the many beautiful areas and people who live within the region. One can completely imagine standing in the same spot as Carter was when he took these photos.

It's as though I have traveled there, although it is only a place that I have dreamed of going. If I were lucky enough to go to China, this book would be tucked snugly within my suitcase, or in Tom Carter's case- backpack! I think that is what sets this book apart from others is that the author literally backpacked across the region and to some extent, risked his life so that we may see China through his eyes.

Through his lens, we can share in the subtleties of living within lush farm land and the contrast of the chaotic organization of a city under neon lights.

The people- small children with the softest skin to the most weathered of all workers, Carter shows us more than just color and texture, he lends us a deeper glimpse to the many sides of China as well as human nature!

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  1. Dear River-Rose,
    I have just stumbled upon your flattering review of my photobook CHINA: Portrait of a People and wanted to leave a note of appreciation. I am writing from China, and in fact, blogspot is banned here (because of Communist restrictions) so it was not with a little trouble that I had to sign in with a proxy server to leave this comment. My photobook was actually published in 2008 in Hong Kong, but has taken over 2 years for it to reach the bookstores of America as well as I often joke that I am not sure which has been more challenging: traveling across China, or publishing a book about it. Anyhow, I am just grateful that it is finally being seen by a western audience, and I hope you all will enjoy the photographs therein. Many thanks for taking the time to write this review!

  2. What an honor to have you comment on my little blog and it was a pleasure to find your book!


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