Thursday, July 8, 2010

Field of Dreams

This is the first year that my son played in a little league baseball team.

Their team did not make it through the play-offs, nevertheless, it was a very exciting experience for both him and myself.
Evenings spent eating snow cones and sunflowers seeds while cheering for our team.

Local business sponsor each team, so, when my mom asked my son what the name of his team was- she was thinking it would be something cool like, the Tigers, or the Cubs.
My son was sure to set her straight and let her know that the name of his team was State Farm Insurance! "State Farm Insurance?", she asked incredulously.
Yep! That's the name of his team.

I'll tell you what, I have never been so excited about insurance before.
Sitting on the sidelines yelling with all my heart, "Go State Farm Insurance!"
While other fans cheered in earnest for The Sprinkler Shop, CK Window Cleaning, or Swensen MD, just to name a few. I guess it's not the name of a team that makes it cool, it's the players!

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