Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've mentioned earlier that I was off on a vacation. This does not mean that I was zipping down a water slide or having my toenails painted at a spa (I wish). Instead, myself and two dogs hop on a big-rig truck with my husband and spend some precious time together while he's working.

Over a ten-day period we were dispatched on a series of loads that started in Twin Falls, Idaho, out to Green River, Wyoming, down to Grandview, Missouri, back to Grand Island, Nebraska, and across to Fostoria, Ohio, back to Missouri, and then all the way home again.

It takes a patient man to take on the challenge of spending 10 days in a truck with his wife, a Chihuahua, and Pug, in such a small space.

My hubby pulled through and we had a wonderful time, even though sometimes it felt as though we were driving in circles!


  1. Christina...I am loving all these photos. You got it just right. These are absolute keepers. You have a wonderful eye. I loved reading the states you travelled thru as I looked at them. They remind me of a game my 10 year old son and I played the other day. We tried to list all the states in America. He has never lived there so I knew I was going to have to provide a lot of support. I only made it to 40. I think this is what I get for growing up on the East Coast. Anything past Pennsylvania is a blur...those mid-western states get me every time. I have vowed to master my list. This was a good reminder!!

    More photos please!!!!

    Jeanne :) xx

  2. Thanks, Jeanne! Obviously, our vacation was a little more on the industrial side of the U.S., although I still find traveling the states facinating! P.S. Lovely photos on your Flowery Giveaway at the Collage of Life!

  3. great pictures! i'm glad you all had a good time. at least the dogs are small!!! lol

    thank you for sharing,

  4. Dear Jessie,

    Small dogs with a HUGE attitude! Thanks for checking in:)


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