Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Fab Four!

Rolling Stone magazine has put together a list comprising the Beatles 100 greatest songs. Can you imagine- 100 songs to choose? What an accomplishment!

The Beatles is my all time favorite band. I grew up listening to their music as a child and my first album was actually their second album released. I can't believe I still have this album, yet, no record player anymore! I loved the songs on this album and, as you can tell, I wore it out.

Their music addressed every stage of my life and I cannot imagine music existing without their contribution.

My 5 favorite Beatles songs are:
5.) She Loves You
4.) Eleanor Rigby
3.) The Long and Winding Road
2.) A Day In The Life
Drum roll, please....
1.) In My Life

It was pretty tough pinpointing my top five. What would yours be?


  1. Like minded people think alike- I also love the Beatles!
    My favorite songs are ,SHE WAS JUST SEVENTEEN, and YESTERDAY.
    Can't believe you still have the original album-- way to go--- SUNSHINE.

  2. lovely post,
    I always like music and the joy it brings.

  3. Rose...not sure how I came across your blog, but after reading about your love of the Beatles and motorcycles, I thought you might get a kick out of checking out my bike. I finally made it to Sturgis this year and am sure glad I did. Rick


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