Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Seven Year Itch

Willow at Magpie Tales posts weekly pictures on her blog and readers create a poem or story based on what comes to mind. It's great fun to read everyone's entries! Here is my take on this week's Magpie #28...

What was she thinking to stop that drip with her toe?

Now it's stuck in the faucet.

Evening going, not, like it was supposed to go.

She should have trained her cat to fetch the phone,

These are the thoughts one thinks,

Shriveling in the tub alone.

Perhaps, if a fireman saved her,

She wouldn't complain,

But there was no way to call,

So nobody came.

Her toe throbbing- in a ball of pain,

All because that drip was driving her insane.


  1. great poem! and such a pretty blog! Love the rural landscapes. Thanks for visiting today... Emma at Tightwad

  2. She's in a world of hurt, for sure!

  3. perhaps,...
    that makes it interesting when we are not sure what's happening...
    creative tale! enjoyed it.

  4. oh now this could get rather scary...esp after the water run cold and all mag!

  5. Toe in ther spout,
    Can't get it out!
    Fireman to your aid,
    You might get... into trouble!

    Keep the phone handy! :-)

  6. Thanks to everyone for your comments while keeping in mind it was a purely fictional, hypothetical situation :)

  7. Oh, what a predicament. By the time the firemen arrive she will be all pruney. I wonder what she'll do?? Loved it.

  8. OUCH!!! That must've hurt! Now I really want to know what happened to her!!

    And thank GOD it was fiction :) Awesome fiction at that!!!

  9. Hi Miz Rose, I liked that although I wonder what did happen. Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. Love your header.


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