Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gloves and Keys

Needed time to myself so I prepared to leave,

Time to myself, was needed, indeed.

I went on a search for my shawl,

It was freezing outside after all.

After kissing my loves,

I went to the table,

Put on my gloves.

Then grabbed a purse,

Ready to go….

Where are my keys?

Of course, nobody knows.

Poem inspired by Magpie Tale's photo prompt!


  1. You too? I leave mine in the car now .... Happy New Year!

  2. We've all been there, and it seems to occur more often now that I'm older :)

  3. Yes....Don't leave home without 'em!!! Happy safe New Year Rose!!!

  4. The kids used to always steal my keys! I kinda miss it, now that they're grown.

  5. That's the way with keys, isn't it? What about a keyfinder device that makes the keys bleep like a pager? I guess we'd lose the keyfinder as well!

  6. Needed time to myself so I prepared to leave

    Hmmm...think we all feel like this occasionally. Thing is, why do we stay? Not only due to lost keys, I'll be bound...

  7. wow, ready to go,
    nobody knows where is your keys?

    what a wondrous ending, beautiful tale.

  8. ugh...hate that...when you need time to yourself...and cant


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