Sunday, March 13, 2011

BLOG LOVE- First Post Feb 2009

(February 2009)
Just because Valentine’s is over, why should the romance end?
My romance with food began as a small child in the kitchen with my Grandmother.
She was a simple woman whose
small abode was always filled with visitors and family.
My favorite place to be was right next to her in the kitchen where,
 I became fascinated in the wonder of watching her tiny, well-worn hands delicately prepare exquisite and thoughtful meals.
As she sang songs from her youth she sliced and diced, sautéed and fillet.
Not, until I found myself in the kitchen as an adult did I realize that all of her culinary masterpieces where prepared on a very limited budget. It had never crossed my mind because
every mouthful had been prepared with love.

What is the connection between food and love?
The evidence is all around us.
Remember your first taste of cotton candy at the fair or a romantic candle-lit dinner?
Perhaps even the gallon of Rocky Road ice cream when that date didn’t quite work out?
In food there is a giving and a sharing mixed with a bit of the unknown.

My romance with food and the people with whom I share it is an ongoing adventure in which I will always be opened minded, because I know that when inspired with love- anything is possible!

Jeanne from the Collage of Life has designed a very special way to reflect on the development of a blogger and the blogs that we have created. 
She is a very talented blogger and a person that I admire, greatly! 
If you click her picture above, you will read her very first post, and she has requested that we put up our first posts as well.  It had me thinking, what was my very first post?  I originally started this blog when I began writing food reviews for the local paper of my small town.  But, I could not even remember what my first post was about!  I looked back into the archives and found what had inspired me to start River-Rose...Thank you, Jeanne and to all of the many fascinating and creative bloggers that have made my blogging experience a pure joy!

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  1. I love your first post Christina! Isn't it interesting to see where we started and how we have developed over time? You have many cherished moments here...thank you for sharing :)

    Jeanne xx


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