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Berthoud Pass – Ride along Colorado! ~Kiara Wilson

The Rocky Mountains are clearly the most impressive mountain ranges that North America, much less the United States, has to offer, and millions of visitors each year will agree that there simply is no place else in the country quite like it. Spanning from northern New Mexico to British Columbia, Canada, there are more impressive and critically acclaimed ski resorts in the Rockies than anywhere else in the country. But snow and winter sports are not the only attraction to the Rockies, as curving highway systems that carry travelers throughout the many mountain towns have attracted motorcycle riders for decades. Berthoud Pass, located along US-40 just west of Denver.

Perfect summer for Motorcycle Ride:

Originally surveyed by and eventually named for Edward Berthoud, the Pass was deemed unsafe for railroad construction due to its steep nature. In modern day, Berthoud Pass provides travelers the easiest and quickest access to such notable resorts such as Winter Park and Steamboat Springs. In the winter months, snow covers the area and provides for limited use, except skiers and snowboarders have made the area suitable for shuttle runs. Backcountry winter sports have become a staple in the area. Once the snow melts away in the spring and summer months, the Pass becomes an absolute dream on a motorcycle.

Because the area is home to some of the states (and countries) best winter activities, various lodging options are available year round. The twisting mountain roads may provide some motorcyclists all of the excitement needed for one trip on the Berthoud Pass, while others may seek more out of their vacation if the opportunities are available. By all means, treat yourself to some of the area's best in activities, from mountaineering and rock climbing to skiing and mountain biking. Of course, any long day of riding or sporting will need to be treated with some relaxation, and travelers can find such at one of the areas nearby cabins and huts.

The ideal time to hit Berthoud Pass:

Plan on traveling the Berthoud Pass by bike in the spring, summer or beginning of the fall.Temperatures are ideal during this time period, but safety is the number one concern for all types of motorists. Riders should plan on packing fairly heavy, because even though average temperatures can reach the 60s in the dead of summer, temperatures in the 30s and 40s are certainly not uncommon. You'll want to bring something light and breathable, such as the Icon Patrol or Dainese Naked Pelle, but inclement and wet weather can appear out of nowhere at times.

The Berthoud Pass is but one exciting ride for motorcyclists traveling through the Rockies of Colorado, but it's certainly one of the most necessary routes imaginable. While surrounding areas may offer similar rides, Berthoud Pass combines scenic Colorado views with thrilling highway roads. If you simply must travel by bike during colder months, make sure your motorcycle is ready to handle the extreme colds of subzero temperatures. Otherwise, plan on making this trip between May and September to get the most out of your ride. It’s time not to think more and more, get on and plan a ride on this route.

Author Bio:

Kiara Wilson has experience of riding motorcycle on number of routes across different States. In this article, she has explained how Edward Berthoud in Colorado is kind of a perfect Motorcycle House for bikers.
Photos Via;  Kiara Wilson

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