Monday, May 9, 2011


My Grandmother passed away today.
She was the matriarch of our family. 
No matter how far we wandered, she was the beautiful glue that held every single one of us together.

She used to love to crochet. 
Not the big stitches that make a blanket, but the tiny, little stitches that made the finest lace on handkerchiefs. 

She really loved to travel. 
She had been to most of the areas in this world.  All the way through her life she enjoyed any opportunity for a new experience.

Most of all, she loved her husband, family, and God. 
She prayed the rosary for everyone, everyday.  She was a faithful woman to all of those things and everyone could always count on her for her prayers.
A couple days before she passed, my Mother asked her what is her favorite of the Commandment's and she said the Second..."Love thy neighbor as thyself."

This was a song she used to sing in the kitchen as she cooked the most delicious meals for all of us and she also sang this song with tears in her eyes the last time that I saw her.

“Fun. I never knew there was such fun, such, such happiness. I've never been so happy in my life. It's been wonderful.” 
Maytime (1937)

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