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Would You Live Here?

When I was a teenager, my friends and I couldn't wait to get out of our houses and get a place of our own.  A place where parents could not tell us what to do.  We used to play a game called Would You Live There?  If we were riding in the car and drove by a ramshackled, delaptated house, we would point and ask each other, Would You Live There?  Of course, being idealistic and young, the answer would be, "Yes, I can make it work!" We were also a little competitive and as time wore on, we would point out worse and worse examples of places we would live, until we were actually saying we would live in a shed, or a tiny laundry room.  Our minds, ripe with creativity in all the ways we would decorate these spaces and make them functionable.  It's ironic, the first place I moved into was a tiny, old house on one acre.  I got a deal because it did not have a functionable kitchen.  I cooked on a hot plate, washed dishes in the bathroom and grabbed milk from a fridge that was…

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