"RAMBLIN ROSE" The Sod House Museum-I-80 (Exit 211)

The Sod House Museum was established in 1988 in Gothenburg, Nebraska. The museum stands next to a full-scale replica of an authentic sod house, and depicts the type of dwelling used by early settlers in the Central Plains Region.

This memorial to the first settlers in the area features a barn, sod house and life-sized barbed wire sculptures. The barn-shaped museum houses memorabilia and photographs of the pioneer era.

Hours for the museum: 8 am - 9 am summer, 9 am - 6 pm May and Sept. (Call to verify)
Phone: 308-537-2076

And right across the street....

Randazzle Cafe

427 Lake Avenue

Gothenburg, NE 69138

With easy truck parking and on the CB radio the rumor is that this restaurant serves home-cooked style food, so we headed on over. Each table had funny, little joke books one could read while waiting for their order. The meal we ordered was not quite what we expected, but being an eternal optimist, I am sure that there are many items on their menu that they do very well and feel that perhaps it was just an off day. Although there may be room for some improvement, I feel that the Randazzle is worth a second shot.


  1. Great stop 7/30/12 Friendy informative good value. Dave from Michigan


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