"RAMBLIN ROSE" The Aquatic Center- Lake Natomas, Gold River, CA

Sacramento State Aquatic Center

1901 Hazel Avenue

Gold River, California 95670

(916) Aquatic or 278-2842

Fax (916) 278-1105

Email: aquaticcenter@csus.edu

What a blast! Rent sit atop kayaks for $10 per hour. Take your time touring beautiful Lake Natomas, as the current is very light and there is plenty of cool places to dock your kayak. Have a picnic along the way or view the Nature Reserve that houses many a bird species. The Aquatic center does not round up to the nearest hour when you turn in your kayak so if you run an hour and a half, that's all they charge you! The Aquatic Center is in it's 25th year of operation and offers canoe, kayak, hydro bike, and beach cruiser bicycle rentals to the general public. For the pre-qualified individual they also have sailboats, windsurfers, and rowing shells. There is also an awesome beach area with picnic tables, barbeques, docks, classrooms, and convenient parking.


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