It makes sense that one’s body combined with a harmonious environment can cause a good flow. If a nice external environment can influence our well being then how might we be affected by the environment that we create within our body? With such fast paced life-styles, good practice in what we eat often becomes secondary. This can reflect in increased fatigue and obesity. The common thread of Chi is that there is a time and place for all things. If we brought that standpoint into our diets, we would see that within each change of season comes a change in our eating habits. For instance, during Winter months, we may crave heavier meals such as stews which seem to warm us from the inside. Into the Summer months we may desire more fruits and veggies for a cooling effect. Since we are entering Spring, this can represent a new eating cycle where heavy, warming foods are replaced by cleansing and revitalizing foods. One way to move within the flow of the season is to decrease in slow cooking techniques and move to steaming or stir frying our meals. Another approach for Spring is to not cook portions of our meals at all and incorporate more raw veggies and fruits into our dinners. See below for a yummy and healthy meal!


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