April Fool's Day: Time to Mess With Your Family's Head!

Salty Surprise
Put salt on your kid's toothbrush. Watch the look on their face.

Big Foot
Stuff some cotton into the toes of the victim's shoes. They will think their feet grew or their shoes got smaller.

Fake Test
For Students: Before class, ask one of your classmates if they are “ready for the big test?” Works best to have another friend confirm that there is indeed a test that day.

Car Chaos
Sneak into the victim’s car and adjust the radio to full volume, wipers on high, air conditioning on max setting, seats pushed forward and reclined all the way back.

You Can't Fool Me!
Take a pen or marker that's washable and put a mark on your face that everyone can see. When they say you have a mark on your face, tell them that you're not falling for it and that they're just pulling your leg by saying you have a mark on your face. When they prove to you that you have a mark on your face, shout, "April Fool's!"
(The same idea works with spinach in your front teeth!)


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