Weekly Guest Food Review (02/17/2009)

What’s For Dinner?

Just because Valentine’s is over, why should the romance end? My romance with food began as a small child in the kitchen with my Grandmother. She was a simple woman whose small abode was always filled with visitors and family. My favorite place to be was right next to her in the kitchen where I became fascinated in the wonder of watching her tiny, well-worn hands delicately prepare exquisite and thoughtful meals. As she sang songs from her youth she sliced and diced, sautéed and filet. Not until I found myself in the kitchen as an adult did I realize that all of her culinary masterpieces where prepared on a very limited budget. It had never crossed my mind because every mouthful had been prepared with love. What is the connection between food and love? The evidence is all around us. Remember your first taste of cotton candy at the fair or a romantic candle-lit dinner? Perhaps even the gallon of Rocky Road ice cream when that date didn’t quite work out? In food there is a giving and a sharing mixed with a bit of the unknown. My romance with food and the people with whom I share it is an ongoing adventure in which I will always be opened minded, because I know that when inspired with love- anything is possible!

Places to Visit:
The Upper Crust Bakery & Grill/ Gossner’s Cheese Outlet Store
Location: 1200 7th Street, Heyburn
Pricing: $-$$

With a view of the river upstairs, share a gooey Grilled Cheese Panini with caramelized onions, or pick up your choice of freshly made cheese and French Bread below for a home style picnic.

Location: 610 Overland Road, Burley
Pricing: $-$$

If you are into seafood, try a beautiful soup for two called Siete Mares. Filled with crab claws, shrimp, tender clams and a melt in your mouth fillet of fish. Steaming hot and served with your choice of flour or corn tortillas and a small platter of diced Jalapeno, Avocado, and Lime. Yum!

Dairy Queen
Location: 2200 Overland Avenue, Burley
Pricing: $

With an ice cream cake in hand , you just can’t go wrong!


The Siete Mares mentioned above is one of my favorite soups when I get a cold. One day while under the weather my husband and I decided to head to the restaurant. Since the soup is on the spicy side, my husband usually orders something a bit more tame. Rarely does sickness affect my big appetite, so even though this soup is big enough for two- possibly, three people to share, I ordered it for myself anyway. When the waitress set the bowl in front of me I noticed the gentleman at the opposite table staring at me. Well, I just set in on devouring this yummy soup, so much so that crab shells were a flyin! Finally after finishing every last drop, I noticed the gentleman and his wife coming towards us. When he arrived he informed us that they had a bet going and he thought I was not going to be able to finish it. Boy, was he wrong!


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