"GOOD STUFF" Carolyn's Sweet Treats

On Saturday at the Gossner's Farmers Market, I was lucky enough to run into Carolyn's Sweet Treats. Never one to pass up Homemade Bread, Cookies or Fudge, her booth beckoned to me and I was drawn in...

I took this beauty home with me. It was a braided Sourdough Potato Bread and it made my whole weekend! Sliced and drizzled with Olive Oil on the grill it was the perfect mate to whatever I was serving. Best of all was the quiet Sunday morning when I tore off a big chunk, heated it in the microwave for 15 seconds and slathered it with butter. It melts in your mouth and feeds your soul with the taste of homemade bread. This truly is "Good Stuff" and next time I will buy two loafs!

Carolyn's Sweet Treats
"Treats for all Occasions"
Located in Stitches N Stars at 225 Overland Avenue, Burley, ID
Phone: 208-678-5472


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