"GOOD STUFF" From The Heart Production!

For a gift, or for yourself, if your are looking for something unique and wonderful, look no further than From The Heart Production!

Walking along the Farmer's Market at Gossner's it is not hard to miss From The Heart Production's booth. Okay, it's not edible, but what they provide is so stunning, quirky and creative that whether or not it's edible doesn't seem to matter. It feeds more than the ole' bottomless pit (that they call my belly)...what they create feeds the "right" side of my brain- with art!

Mr. and Mrs. Olsen are a tight pair and semi-retired to dedicate the better part of their time creating fun garden and home decor. Mr. Olsen seems to see a vision in his head, from gargoyles to sparkly lady bugs, to dragon flies, and has the mechanical know-how, as well as creativity to put his vision into reality.

They also relish in the challenge of creating the vision that you have into to reality as well!

Don't miss their booth every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Mini-Cassia Farmer's Market
Gossner's Cheese Factory
1200 7th Street
Heyburn, ID 83336


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