The Lincoln Memorial, Wyoming- 1-80, Summit Rest Area (Exit 323)

This is a nice rest stop to stretch your legs, walk the dog and learn about Wyoming. Located on I-80, 10 miles SE of Laramie the Lincoln Memorial stands at the summit near Sherman Hill, and defines the highest point on I-80. Built by Wyoming's Parks Commission to honor Lincoln's 150th birthday and to commemorate the Lincoln Highway. The prototype transcontinental route was designed for automobile traffic and at the time created a stimulation within our country for highway improvement. It was sculpted by Robert Russin, a University of Wyoming professor and was completed in 1927. It is said that Russin's ashes are housed within the monument. Once you have gazed upon the monument, go inside and grab free publications regarding all that Wyoming has to offer and don't forget to gaze upon the terrain on the observatory deck.

121 East Ivinson Avenue
Laramie, Wyoming 82070
(307) 742-7046

Located within the heart of downtown Laramie (8 miles east of the Lincoln Monument off of I-80) is Jeffrey's Bistro. Rouge in rebellion of the red meat fare common in cowboy country is a thoughtful bistro that features fresh ingredients and non-red meat fare that fresh faced, bike riding locals seem to love. I can understand why- it doesn't matter what they don't serve, it's all about what they do. With our hearts set on Macaroni and Cheese, we ordered off of the kid's menu, but in an adult size. For $7.95, a crock of Mac-n-Cheese is served up with a rich sauce that to my taste buds is based in cream cheese. The Pasta is the swirly kind that just dances on your tongue. The plentiful, well seasoned, cheesy sauce can almost compare to a fondue. It's really rich and really good. Especially when dipping the toasted wheat rolls that were provided to our table. The meal is served with a chunky, tangy and fresh applesauce mixture that helped to break up the richness of the entree. We did not have the chance to experience their extensive and eclectic House Beers or House Specialty drinks such as the Martini; which consists of Bacardi Limon, M&R Vermouth and a splash of Cranberry Cocktail. But, if we were not on the job; it would be a possibility. Also, because we had a few miles to put on and did not want to take a nap, we avoided their fantastic Sarah's Desserts. In our fantasy, plus what a local on the street recommended, we would have ordered the special; which on that day featured a tart consisting of a buttery pastry crust, with a lemon creme and topped with blueberries. If you happen to have a dessert, it's so easy to walk it off in the adorable and unexpectedly beat nick old-town of Laramie!


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