"RAMBLIN ROSE" Carson City, Nevada

Carson City was founded in 1858, by the frontiersman Christopher "Kit" Carson. President Abraham Lincoln signed Nevada into statehood on October 31, 1864.
Carson City celebrates "Carson City Frontier Days", June 4-8th. Hot air baloons, parade, music, car show and fun! If you missed it this year, check it out next year!
St. Charles-Muller's Hotel is located at 302-304 South Carson St. in Carson City.
The historic St. Charles Hotel once housed the occasionally dangerous, dozens of rootless and restless men. Revitalized within the historic district, the hotel and restaurant is a major attraction to this day.
Thai Spice Kitchen
Sushi and Teriyaki
111 East Telegraph Street
Carson City, NV
Phone (775) 841-8999
Within the restaurant, Thai food is located on one side and features a really yummy appetizer called the "Shrimp Roll" which contains deep fried Shrimp wrapped in an Egg roll skin with Bacon, served with Sweet and Sour sauce.
A Sushi Bar is on the other side, which features a made to order- all you can eat Sushi lunch for $15.99. The Sushi Chef is very nice and happy to explain the ingredients as well as make very tasty Sushi to satisfy your appetite. Although, they do impose an hour time limit to the "All You Can Eat" escapade. For almost $16, one feels that they must order quickly to get their money's worth. I prefer to take my time and enjoy the chef's work of art as a slow journey, rather than something that feels rushed.


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