"ROSE TIPS" The Wonder of Portulaca!

Last year at the local farmer's market, I noticed a stand selling potted plants. At the time, the plants had no flowers or tags identifying what they were. They did not look familiar to me so I asked the seller what kind of plant it was and she indicated it's a "Moss Rose". "Sounds pretty, but does it require a lot of care?" She told me it grows in the worst soil, without much water and in the full sun. Perfect! I bought one. I came home and high up on the river bank, I dug a hole and promptly gave the plant a new home. Now, you have to understand, the river bank has very steep slope, sandy soil (and it's fair share of weeds, but that's another story), and gets no water. Throughout the summer, I was amazed to see that the incredible plant doubled in size and provided beautiful, multi-colored blooms that resemble tiny roses. No water, bad soil, but lots of love and appreciation. I soon learned that it's actual name is Portulaca! They are annuals that come in a variety of colors, occasionally will reseed themselves and they also do wonderful in baskets.


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