Weekly Mailer Guest Food Review (Issue 06/30/2009)

It's The Little Things

Quite sometime ago, in the month of June, I was dining with my mother at a restaurant. She had found her Salmon entree so delicious that she called the waiter over to ask him where the Salmon was from. With a dead-panned face the waiter replied, "It's from the freezer". The whole table erupted in laughter. Even to this day we still chuckle about that one. The restaurant was Perkins. Many of my relatives were in town for my wedding and for convenience it was held at the Burley Best Western. It was a three day event and we came to rely on Perkins for late night slices of pie, gathering for breakfast, and they catered our wedding brunch. The staff even offered to keep our leftover wedding cake (at least the part my husband didn't shove into my face) in their fridge. At the end of our last breakfast together, I'll never forget the sweet way our waitress surprised our table with farewell slices of the cake. With weddings, one can plan for the event, but looking back, I realize it's the little things that made it so special.

Places To Visit:

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery
800 North Overland Avenue
Burley, Idaho
Hours: Weekdays 6:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. / Weekends 6:00 a.m. -1:00 a.m.
Take-Out: 678-1304
Website: http://www.perkinsrestaurants.com/

One of the little things I really enjoy at Perkins is their chocolate milk. For something so simple, it's perfectly chocolaty, silky, rich and cold. A big, tall glass goes for $2.75, and is a great way to start a meal. The Grilled Salmon is the entree that my mother so enjoyed and comes tender and flaky with your choice of two sides for $10.59. My favorite is the Turkey Club which is double-stacked with layers of sliced Butterball Turkey, Tomato, Bacon, and Lettuce on your choice of toasted bread. The sandwich is really wonderful dipped into a side of Ranch Dressing and comes with fries for $7.99. One of the little things that could use some improvement is the quality of their side salads. On two separate occasions, I received side salads that were wilted and brown. Although that can be disappointing, their pies and bakery items are not. Perkins has a wide array of pies that satisfy from Chocolate, to Dutch Apple, to Strawberry. The Strawberry pie is perfect in the Summer season and a slice goes for $2.99, while a whole pie will run you $11.99.


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