Weekly Mailer Guest Food Review (Issue 07/28/2009)

Spuds and Cherry Blossoms!

Back in the day, when I was new to this area, my husband would bring me to the Mini-Cassia area that he called his hometown. Prior to his proposal of marriage, he spent time wooing me by showing off on the Snake River. We spent all the time we could here and our days were filled with swimming, yard sales, long walks and aimless drives down country roads. Of course, he wouldn't have properly introduced me to the area if he had neglected feeding me. Being the consummate gentlemen, he always made sure I had a full belly and used that opportunity to introduce me to one of his favorite local restaurants, Stevo's. At the time, I enjoyed the coziness of the restaurant and the learning experience of the proper way to eat a steak fry. Poking a little hole into the warm, puffed-up steak fry, inserting the tip of a spicy fry sauce bottle and squeeze! I would fill the center of the fry like and eclair filled with Bavarian cream and popped that puppy into my mouth! I am ashamed to admit how many platters, over several Summers did I devour. Looking back, maybe I wooed him by showing off my steak fry eating skills. At the end of one particular day, we were perched exhausted within a booth, steaming hot steak fries in front of us, and through the window I watched a breeze lazily blow through a Cherry Blossom tree causing the blossoms to swirl past the window just as if it were snowing. The moment was absolutely beautiful and as mushy as it sounds, caused a tug at my heart as I knew that the man sitting next to me and this wonderful area would one day become a big part of my future.

Places to Visit:

290 South 600 West
Burley-Paul Highway
Heyburn, ID
Hours: Monday through Saturday 11:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m.
Take Out: 679-3887

Within the last year, Stevo's interior has been redecorated with modern art highlighted by retro lime green drop down lights, adding an interesting and earthy texture to the decor. Still owned and operated by Steve and Lalanne Delis and family, the food is what one has come to expect in Stevo's. The menu features everything that Stevo's does best, such as the Super Stevo's Burger which consists of a mouth watering 2/3 lb. lean Ground Beef patty, topped with your choice of Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Bacon and smothered in Mushrooms. All meals come with your choice of regular fries, steak fries, or a baked potato and the Super Burger is priced at $10.00. If you are hankering for a simple mound of their Idaho "Delish" steak fries, it will set you back about $4 and is big enough to share. Speaking of Potatoes, order up a Super Spud which comes with melted Cheese, Sour Cream and Butter and you can top it off with chucks of Steak cooked to your preference for $9.50, or my favorite, the Cheese Burger Spud, which is filling as the Ground Beef completely covers the platter at $7. They also serve an assortment of Shrimp and Fish such as the 10 oz. Boneless Idaho Rainbow Trout Fillet, which comes with a salad and is priced at $14. But, if you are going to pull out the big guns, try ordering their mouth watering and cooked to perfection 14 oz. Porterhouse New York Steak for $19.


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