What Really Bugs Me...

About a year ago, my oldest boy handed me a print out of recipes that he received while taking home economics. The recipes where all about how to cook bugs, grubs, worms and even included nutritional values. I'm pretty open minded and I enjoy watching Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel as well as the next person, but admittedly I put that print out under a stack of papers and completely forgot about it. That is until I came across some boxes of Crick-Ettes (the other Green Meat) Sour Cream and Onion at a convenience store located within an Indian Casino just outside of San Diego. They were pretty pricey at $1.99 per box of roughly 12 crickets, but hey- they've got to pay someone to run around at catch them, don't they? I grabbed three boxes and while checking out, I gleefully mentioned how funny it will be to see the look on my children's faces, when the cashier said he found them quite delicious and had just polished off a couple boxes.

When I arrived home, I called out to the kids that I had a "treat" for them and placed the box in their hands. Expecting to hear "EEWW" and "GROSS", I was surprised with their excitement in opening the boxes. They completely gobbled them up and not to be a sissy, I tried one, too. They tasted like a sunflower seed shell or a small dried leaf with flavoring. It really wasn't that bad. Though, the one thing that really bugs me is when you get cricket stuck in your teeth!

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