Grand Junction Western Wear, Palisade, Colorado

Grand Junction Western Wear
1040- I70
Palisade, Co 81526
(970) 464-4776

You can't miss Grand Junction Western Wear for two reasons. The first reason is that sitting atop their building is a giant yellow cowboy boot, the second, is the level of superior quality of their hats and boots. The owner, Jerry Derby, has been hand-making hats for 40 years. Back when he was 13 and in the rodeo, he found his calling when as a favor he fixed the mangled hats of his rodeo buddies. Since then, his skill has elevated it to an art form. Each hat has a distinct personality, just as each person who will wear them. Jerry gets that. Although some of them look too beautiful to touch, Sally, Jerry's assistant will encourage you to try one on! If you walk into the store and Sally is working, then it's your lucky day. Her personality and knowlege shines as well as her pride in the product. She makes shopping a pleasure and if you have the time, ask her if she will play you a video of the step-by-step process in hat making, starring Jerry, of course!

They have quite the selection of boots and it's easy to envision your feet tucked into several pairs...

While trying them on, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as the heel height. Cowboy boots come in an array of heel heights from flat to stilleto. Originally, traditional western boots came in a higher heel because the cowboy used his heel as a tool- for stir-ups or digging their heels into the dirt when controlling an onry horse or donkey. If your not dealing with stir-ups, horses or donkeys, then keep in mind what type of weather you will want to wear your boot. Some boots have slippery soles that can make walking in rain or snow quite the experience!

The shank is the part of the boot that goes up the leg and varies in height as well. Traditional boots usually covered the calf to protect the cowboy from snakes and harsh weather, but the Packer and Stockman styles run a bit lower. It's a good idea to visualize what you will be wearing your boots with and how they will wear with your style of jeans.

Finally, is the toe style. A pointed toe has always been traditional in Western Boots, although ropers and worker style boots are more rounded. Either way, try them on with the type of sock that you will wear with them, look for comfort, and don't forget that it takes a while to break in a good boot, but once you do, their like an old friend! If you grab a pair, don't forget to get a good protectant cream or wax to extend the life of your boot, but make sure whatever you get does not affect the color when applied.

Can you tell which one is mine? I can't wait to stomp around in my new pair and will never forget where they came from!

Grand Junction Western Wear will be moving in November to a huge, new facility and will then be called Rocky Mountain Hats and Boots! The concrete is being poured as we speak. Their new location will be off of Highway 50. They will also start an online mail-order service and will be shipping their fantastic hats all around the world! Good Luck, guys and happy hat making!


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