Western Sizzlin, Colorado

Western Sizzlin
3033 8th Avenue
Evans, CO 80620
(970) 351-7000

While staying in Greeley, Colorado, locals highly recommended a buffet-style restaurant called Western Sizzlin. I enjoy buffets although sometimes quantity gets confused with quality. Not at this particular restaurant. Proof that the American dream is still alive, owner Bob Boswell, originally started off 25 years ago as an employee of Western Sizzlin back in Arkansas and moved to Colorado with wife, Beth, in 1988 for the purpose of opening a new franchise. In 2000, Bob and Beth became sole owners. Talk about working your way up!
Hard work is no stranger to Bob and Beth's Western Sizzlin, as they cook and prepare 90 percent of all of their food, while many other buffets rely on packaged food. There are no short cuts here. Their steaks are flame kissed as they are placed onto a special grill which sears the top and bottom of the steak at the same time and seasoned with a secret "gold dust" that gives the meat a wonderful flavor. In a league of their own, they have made to order Pasta and Crepes and during the Sunday Brunch and Omelet Bar as well. It's wonderful to watch your Fettuccini tossed with Chicken, Mushrooms, and a creamy Alfredo Sauce, or to watch the skill of the chef make the perfect Crepe filled with Cream Cheese and Strawberries. Which, I like to top off with soft serve Vanilla Ice Cream and a drizzle of Chocolate Fudge. Quite unique is that the Chefs are encourages to come up with new recipes themselves and just as we would at home, they have discovered wonderful ways to utilize their leftovers. One of my favorites is the Crab Cakes, which are delicate and flavorful. Definitely something I would get every time!
The buffet consists of many homemade items such as Meatloaf, Pot Roast, Taco fixings and Roasted Chicken as well as mouthwatering sides, such as the Mac and Cheese, creamy Mashed Potatoes along with a fresh salad bar and lovely breads and cakes, to boot! All dinners come with Steak and Shrimp, although on weekends the buffet also features Prime Rib. Also, totally different was the table of Cotton Candy and a Cotton Candy maker. So fun and cool, everyone will have a great time, but, if you go, start with small portions so you can try everything! They also will help you have a worry free event as they provide catering services.
Lunch: $7.99 (or if during the hours of 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. -$5.99)
Dinner: $9.99
Lunch: $9.99
Dinner: $10.99
Sunday Brunch
$10.99 (Before 11:00 a.m.-$6.99)


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