To Knead or Not To Knead...

The only thing we "need" is this No Knead Bread!

The best way to describe it is Deliriously Yummilicous!. Nice and airy in the center with a crust to be reckoned with. In the morning, it begs to be sliced and toasted with butter, yet, in the afternoon, drizzled with Olive Oil and served with a chunk of cheese!


This is a wonderful chance to bake an easy homemade bread so check out the recipe at:

and enjoy!


Photo and link submitted by "Sire H". Thank you!


  1. Yes! My husband has recently become obsessed with baking No Knead bread and I am loving it! So simple and yummy :)

    p.s. Thanks for your sweet comments and warm thoughts go out to you and your dog :)


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