Crazy Dave's Discount Center's Auction and Dutch Oven Event appeared to be a huge success. The parking lot across the street was nearly full, which goes to show that even in a small town, where there is food, live music, and neat stuff to bid on; Mini-Cassia area residents are all over it!
The first thing one does is follow their nose, past the steady stream of the auctioneer's voice, through the warehouse, to where the Dutch Oven chefs were working their magic. There, I found River-Rose contributor, "Tex-Mex", who is the genius behind the aromatic blend of his creation, "It’s Just Ducky In a Dutch Oven", featuring a tenderly cooked duck breast and grape reduction.

The bread....oh, the bread... resisting the urge to grab it like an NFL receiver; clutch it for dear life, and run! Opting instead for waiting in line- all the while trying to hide the intense anticipation of having a steaming slice of "Spicy Bread Delight"placed on my plate. Hot, soft, tender, and perfect partner in the marriage of dipping into luxuriously intense flavors and sauces.

It's standing room only, so grab your plate, lean up against a counter and listen to local band, South Hill's Station. The great food and music gives "Knock, Knock, Knock'n on Heaven's Door" whole new meaning!

Looking snazzy, standing guard over bread, and serving up a tasty spread is "Grandpa's Outlaws"!

Intense and a chocolate lover's indulgence is the "Chocolate Bananas Foster Cake" made by Tex Mex. Velvety, dark, and dense; a melt in your mouth masterpiece! Oooo-La La!

This cake, by team "Diane", was light, airy, and just dreamy. The perfect ending to an awesome day!


  1. Thanks for the nice blog on the cook-off this past saturday.
    Hope you enjoyed the food ! !
    Only 17 more days till we cook for the Title........................

  2. Based on what my taste buds experienced, you will do great!


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